Focusing on Main Point

You need to be debating something I cannot be like um girls like no it cannot be like just flowers are beautiful you know like that doesn’t even make sense but I mean like it cannot be effect it needs to be like it needs to say something that can be arguable you know so it needs to be specific as specific as possible I just narrow it down to really like one thing because the brother you get the harder it’s gonna be to like get the points get the marks for the thesis statement and yeah make sure to focus only on main point. Check out useful essay articles on Edusson.

Don’t go in different direction just follow one single point through your essay this is a really really basic thesis statement it was in my first english class in college I was not that good it was my first time today in English oh this is really basic but I mean like this is as basic as it gets oh it’s not complicated and there’s not like any it’s really like the way you need to build it because I didn’t know when you want anything else back then no I go all fancy and all but I mean if you do that you can get all the morgue so just do that the thesis statement I made was for a a an essay on short stories and I was talking about being called by family so that’s it doesn’t need to be really brother than that um so yeah my thesis statement is the short story is separating by John Updike and the poem i go back to me 1937 by sharon olds both examine the representation of family and the fame that it cause its member.

Basically like you need the topics so the topic is a short story by John Updike in the poem I go back to my 1987 by sharon olds so this is the topic and the argument is the representation of family and the pain that it can cause its member so yeah and like the way you build it is just like a topic and then you have the argument and you put like a word dad like exhibit examine is a good word I don’t have any ideas of other words actually because I had papers on that I have I have a lot of documentation on writing essays but it was in my first english class so it’s like somewhere under my bed and my mom so I don’t have it with me like I said this is really basic so after you read this thesis statement the next thing you’re going to do it in a plane and is actually like the base of your essay I guess so what you’re going to do is you’re going to select the topics you want to talk about that are going to be arguing what you said in your thesis statement so like I said if you use color coding is going to be really easy because you can choose like okay so based on the thesis statement things I could use our pink purple and green so then you just like think those and you can just try to build it.