Top Jobs In The Education Field

The education field can be one of the most rewarding careers available. Although the pay is considered relatively low, educators have the opportunity to make an impact on the leaders of tomorrow. The following list describes some of the top paying jobs in the education field that can be just as rewarding as a regular classroom teacher.

Adult Literacy and GED Teachers:

Adult literacy and GED teachers teach persons who are out of school to speak English, reading, writing, and other basic skills. It is also the instructor’s responsibility to help some students earn their GED or high school diploma. Adult literacy and GED teachers are required to have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate. These types of instructors make about $47,000 per year. 

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Education Administrators:

Education administrators are responsible for ensure that academics, student services, and research at colleges and universities are running properly. The responsibilities of the education administrator may vary depending on the area of the school that they manage. Most of the people that are educational administrators have been teachers previously; however that is not a requirement. Education administrators are required to have a master’s degree. Their average salary is about $84,000 a year.

Post-secondary teachers:

Post-secondary teacher instruct students that have completed their high school careers. They are not limited to any specific area of study, but have a wide variety of options to choose from. These teachers have jobs at private colleges, universities, community colleges, vocational schools and junior colleges. The type of education required to be a post secondary teacher varies depending on what subject will be taught as well as the type of institution. Although it is usually required for professor to have a Phd., a Master’s degree may suffice at some junior colleges or vocational schools. The average salary is about $63,000 per year.

School counselors:

School counselors are responsible for ensuring that students stay on the right path to a successful school career. They guide the students in what types of classes would be best for them to take as well as aiding them in social skills. School counselors also aid in guiding the students on what type of educational program best fits their needs. In order to become a counselor some institutes require that their employees be credentialed and all counselors must have a master’s degree. School counselors make an average of $53,500 per year.

Special education teachers:

There is a high demand for teacher certified in special education. Their duties include instructing students with disabilities of varied severity including mental, physical, learning and emotional disabilities. It is the responsibility of the instructors to ensure that the material is modified and structured to best fit the needs of the students. Depending on the severity of the disability, the teacher focuses on basic communication skills, independent living skills and basic math. Special education students are required to have a bachelor’s degree and teacher’s certification. The annual salary is usually $53,000 per year.